Nuspire's nuMail provides customers with enterprise email security and archiving. This includes in-depth technical support services, mail server status monitoring.

As part of nuMail, unlimited configuration and change management support is provided. This includes support directly to end users for message quarantine training/use, personal white/black listing, message search functionality as part of email archiving and use of email encryption. It further provides advanced administrative support for global white/black listings, creation of regular expressions when needed, policy creation and assistance in LDAP integration.

Nuspire's nuMail protection and continuity delivers access to world-class email security with no hardware or software to buy, no backups to run, and no maintenance to perform — saving money and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Nuspire monitors your mail servers 24/7/365 for problems, and alerts you based upon the severity of the issue.

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Complete Inbound Email

The combination of global threat intelligence, proprietary WormTraq technology, over 20 separate filters, ClickProtect for click-time link scanning including proactive advanced anti-malware capabilities, and gray/bulk mail filtering capabilities protects against the world’s latest threats, defeating zero-hour attacks, and blocking phishing, advanced malware, and over 99.9% of spam well before they reach your network.

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Complete Outbound Protection

Stay true to regulatory and company policies by properly identifying and handling malware, inappropriate emails, unauthorized content, and company-private information before it leaves the network. Hosted mailbox users of Office 365 and Google Apps for Business can also easily leverage these outbound email protection capabilities.

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Continuity for Outage Protection

Email is the engine of productivity and downtime directly impacts the bottom line. SaaS email protection and continuity gives you the peace of mind that your employees can remain productive during email server outages with continuous email storage, access, and use.

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Easy Email Administration

Regardless of whether you manage your own email server or have a hosted solution such as Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Office 365, anywhere-access to the web-based administrative and reporting portal allows you to set policies and quarantine parameters, configure routing, monitor activity, query for email disposition, and more. Plus, you’ll receive monitoring and customer support from the Nuspire Networks Support Experts.

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Complete Administration

Nuspire Networks will provide complete administration and monitoring of the service including configuration and change control management of policies and quarantine parameters, routing, activity monitoring, email disposition, and more.

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Email Encryption

Designed with the business user in mind, SaaS email encryption is an easy-to-activate and easy-to-manage solution built on a foundation of trusted and proven standards-based encryption technologies. Deep content inspection capabilities along with prebuilt extensive compliance libraries help speed the time to demonstrate compliance for regulatory, regional, or corporate requirements. SaaS email encryption is available as an addition to SaaS email protection and continuity.

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Email Archiving

Businesses can easily generate thousands of new email messages every day. Storing these messages in-house — and finding messages in the archive to meet business, regulatory, and legal needs — is a huge drain on resources. SaaS email archiving provides unlimited, in-the-cloud storage for your mail. This easy-to-use and cost-effective message archiving service is always up, never grows obsolete, and does not require the ongoing management and maintenance associated with hardware-based solutions, such as tape backups.

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Intelligent Routing

The intelligent email routing option helps you manage merged email systems efficiently and cost-effectively. This robust in-the-cloud service helps simplify email administration and domain management, lower capital and operating costs, and keep your corporate brand intact.

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TLS Encryption

It’s important for organizations that require a greater level of security for inbound and outbound email to enforce SMTP over TLS. Utilizing TLS makes it more difficult for third parties to read email in transit. Furthermore, TLS can be used to establish the identity of the sending host. Additionally, TLS is transparent to end users, it is easy to administer, and there is no cost to implement TLS with self-signed certificates. Nuspire's nuEmail provides full support for TLS and can enable the end-to-end encryption of email between organizations.

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ClickProtect helps you eliminate the phishing and malware threats from embedded URLs within an email message. As a core feature of the solution, it checks for changes in URL content occurring between the time the message is scanned and when the URL is clicked. Administrators have flexibility to configure scan-time and click-time policies, create custom warning notifications, and enable URL emulation to protect users from the click. Forensic reporting of every URL-related event provides administrators unprecedented control and decision support.

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